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On the back of every box of Sexy Boss Babe Quick Nails, these words are written: “Women were born with special traits and are the caretakers of humanity. It is up to us, as women, to create change in the world.” During the creation of this brand, the dream was to create a genuine community of women that would come together for empowerment of themselves, one another and to find ways to uplift foster youth in the community, the #SBBMOVEMENT. It’s a proud moment to share that Sexy Boss Babe is doing exactly that. This past Saturday a wonderful group of empowered women came together to participate in the annual Glamour Gowns & Suit Up Event by CASA Los Angeles to help foster youth get ready for prom. (Click here to watch event video.)

It's an outstanding production started by a group of costume designers from the T.V. and film industry. They work tirelessly throughout the year to collect formal gowns, suits, shoes, jewelry, make up and other items to gift. They put together a massive personal shopping event for prom for the foster youth in L.A. County. Los Angeles has the most kids in foster care than any other place in the U.S. close to 40,000 and 85% of sex trafficking victims in the U.S. are kids in foster care (watch TEDx Talk to learn more.) Hundreds of young men and women show up and get matched with a personal shopper to take them around and find a dress, get fitted, get shoes, and have their clothes altered etc.

So many of these youth have experienced trauma in their childhood, are facing homelessness and have no family support system. For some, no one has ever given them new clothes. This day is very important and impactful for them. It’s also impactful for the volunteers that have the privilege of interacting with them. It’s an opportunity to converse, connect, establish a bond, even if it’s just for a short while. The youth can feel nervous and scared and the volunteers do a great job of helping them feel comfortable and confident. These positive experiences leave lasting impressions on them. Angels Nest TLP, a non-profit organization that provides rent support for homeless foster youth was also present to let them know of benefits and resources they qualify for and passed out free backpacks and school supplies. 

Sexy Boss Babe has supported CASA and Glamour Gowns for 4 years and each year it is just as special. This year we had a big group of amazing women from the community join us to participate in an incredible day with these youth. We had a wonderful set up of chairs and vanity tables where the young women sat to receive their Quick Nail manicure by our Sexy Boss Babe nail techs. We also brought a nail art designer to add gems and paint cute designs on the nails which the girls absolutely loved! They opened up about life and were listening to advice as our nail tech volunteers chatted with them. Each youth was gifted a set of nails in the color of their choice and a beauty bag with some nail tools and female essentials. 

The volunteers were incredibly moved and some even said it was the best day of their lives. These types of experiences help the youth tremendously, but it also helps all of us too; it's soul cleansing and expands your heart. When you get a chance, definitely watch the event video. Please consider getting involved, there are so many ways to help! You can email: admin@sexybossbabe.com

We want to give a special thank you to all the volunteers and support staff on our team that made the day possible from Tiffany’s & Co., The Spring Place, Rodeo Realty, SMI Corporation and the Century City Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Business Council. (Shout out to CAA, we saw a bunch of volunteers there!) It's great seeing the Century City & Beverly Hills community getting involved!

To stay in touch with us to be informed on relevant female centric topics and our important community work subscribe on our website. In an effort to celebrate international women's day, we invite you to join us: 

Then just after the event we'll head over to Cuvee on Avenue of the Stars for happy hour with the Century City Chamber of Commerce's Women's Business Council. It's hard finding a group of empowered women that genuinely helps one another...this group is it. Register to attend, meet and become friends with these remarkable women who are changing the world! #SBBMovement. 


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