Top 10 Tips To Be A Sexy Boss Babe

Top 10 Tips To Be A Sexy Boss Babe
Whether you're a social worker, entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, an artist or a stay at home mom; it all requires giving it 110%. Not all days are easy, most aren't. So how do we handle it all? We handle it like a Sexy, Boss, Babe!! Here are your 10 tips...
10. Believe in yourself
 9. Stand up for what you believe in
 8. Speak up to be heard
 7. Don't be afraid of what others will think
 6. Don't wait for others to validate you
 5. Know that you are good enough 
 4. Don't be afraid to go after what you want
 3. Be empowered to help your community 
 2. Uplift your fellow Sexy Boss Babes
 1. Have the fiercest nails in town! ;)

No matter what Sexy Boss Babes go through, we're in it together. The war is in the struggle...not each other. So, when you see one another out there; smile, wink and give her the Sexy Boss Babe Tribe finger tap. It's our version of a high five or a fist bump...your first finger to her first's a way to recognize one another's efforts and show each other some love. 


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#SBBMOVEMENT The purchase of all of our products supports charities that help foster youth and sex trafficking survivors. We recently rolled out a campaign in an effort to gain support for our workshop program for this demographic. Click #sbbmovement to learn more or watch this 6 minute call to action video.

Our Documentary Here is a link to a 2 minute trailer of our documentary, Breaking The Cycle, about what foster youth experience in the system through transitioning out and what people can do to help.

Cheers to the greatest Tribe there will ever be...the Sexy Boss Babe Tribe. I want you to have everything you set out for and I believe that you will attain it!!

Love you all!

--Arzo Yusuf,  CEO & Founder

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