We are living in a very interesting time where we have so much available to us, so many opportunities for the career and financial wealth that we want to attain. So why is it that now, more than ever, when you look around you, you see so many women left unsatisfied with their lives and career. Particularly those on strong career paths that worked very hard for advanced degrees, promotions and accolades; they find themselves feeling like something is missing. Living a life without true purpose can leave us feeling empty which is why finding your Ikigai is so important. 


Ikigai is a Japanese word or concept meaning, “a reason for being.” To explain it a different way, it is the thing that gives your life meaning, that motivates you when you wake up in the morning; not only do you have tasks to complete to accomplish a goal, those goals have a deep rooted meaning and purpose. 

Ikigai is the intersecting point of what you can get paid for, what you are good at, what you love and what the world needs. This leads to a vocation/profession that you are passionate about and that is mission centered. This is a path that can lead to career/ambition and life fulfillment. 


Start by making a list or a brainstorm and break it down into the 4 categories:

  1. Things I can get paid to do
  2. Things I’m good at doing and have the skills or talent for
  3. Things I love and bring me joy and passion
  4. Things that the world needs

You can take a paper and just draw a big “T” in the middle and write the topics in each section and start making a bullet list of things under each category. Don’t worry about neatness, just do a big mind dump and let yourself relax, be open and creative and give yourself space to let your thoughts flow through. 


I’ll share my own personal example of how I’m in my Ikigai with Sexy Boss Babe:

Things I can get paid to do:

Sales, business development, operations management

Things I’m good at:

Branding, business, leadership, budgeting, cost containment, creating lasting relationships

Things I love that bring me joy and passion:

Helping, teaching, encouraging others, fashion/beauty 

Things the world needs:

education for youth, foster care reform, support and awareness for foster youth and sex trafficking victims


Once you do your activity, you are able to come up with what your purpose, reason for being and Ikigai are. Using my example, once I realized all the things I can get paid for, what I’m good at, what I love and what the world needs; it’s easy to see that is what I was able to do with Sexy Boss Babe:

  • Sexy Boss Babe pays me when people purchase products
  • Sexy Boss Babe is a business and I’m skilled at operating and running a business
  • Sexy Boss Babe is a beauty product, something I love and as a women empowerment brand, I’m able to help women find their self esteem and confidence through positive messages on product package 
  • Sexy Boss Babe helps the world through supporting charities that help foster youth and survivors of sex trafficking. We donate product, comfort bears for kids and provide self esteem and life skills workshops

It’s not an easy path to follow even once you have figured out what your Ikigai is, but it’s definitely a fulfilling and rewarding path. In life, no matter what we do, in order to find success, it requires hard work, sacrifice, patience and perseverance. So, if we are already going to work hard at something, why not take the time to assess ourselves and find something truly meaningful to work on.

I'm a testament that if I can do this, so can you. I didn't start this as some big wig millionaire. I'm a regular woman that worked jobs my whole life, saved some money along the way and invested in myself and my vision. My entrepreneurial journey has been challenging, nothing has come easy, but every step feels so right to me. Knowing, that through my and my team's efforts we are helping foster youth and survivors of sex trafficking, it gives us a sense of peace that our time here on earth is spent towards a worthy cause. I can't tell you how genuinely happy I am everyday because I'm in my Ikigai. I shared this with you in the hopes that you take the time to find yours.

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#SBBMOVEMENT The purchase of all of our products supports charities that help foster youth and sex trafficking survivors. We recently rolled out a campaign in an effort to gain support for our workshop program for this demographic. Click #sbbmovement to learn more or watch this 6 minute call to action video.

Our Documentary Here is a link to a 2 minute trailer of our documentary, Breaking The Cycle, about what foster youth experience in the system through transitioning out and what people can do to help.

Cheers to the greatest Tribe there will ever be...the Sexy Boss Babe Tribe. I want you to have everything you set out for and I believe that you will attain it!!

Love you all!

--Arzo Yusuf,  CEO & Founder

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