We are a social value company which means we are using our business to promote the greater good through beauty products. Women were born with special traits and are the caretakers of humanity. It is up to us, as women, to create change in the world. 

The U.S. has 500,000 youths in the foster care system. Kids are deemed "unadoptable" by age 7. Many end up in group homes without proper love and care. When they age out of the system, they have no support. Often times they end up homeless and victims of human trafficking. Traffickers target foster youth due to their vulnerability. Los Angeles has the most youth in foster care than anywhere else in America. Los Angeles ranks in the top 3 for human trafficking in the United States. Additionally, despite a budget surplus in 2018, California excluded any funding for victims of human trafficking. This demographic really needs our help right now. 

There is a powerful women empowerment movement taking place right now. We are using our platform to encourage and empower women to use their voice and their spending power to help this demographic and join our empowerment movement, by reposting the image above on social media and using the caption: "I extend a hand to foster youth and survivors of human trafficking #sbbmovement #sexybossbabe." 

With your help, we are able to support some of these organizations through donations and Sexy Boss Babe empowerment workshops:

CONNECT OUR KIDS is a non-profit that is creating an app that social workers can use to help find relatives of kids put in the foster care system. Currently the foster care system is very antiquated. This technology would allow for kids to be placed in loving homes.

ANGELS NEST is a non-profit that provides resources to former foster and homeless youth. This is a vulnerable demographic, once foster youth age out of the system, often times they have no support, end up homeless, victims of prostitution and prey to human traffickers. 

JOURNEY OUT is a non-profit organization that provides support to survivors of human trafficking. 

DOCUMENTARY We have filmed a bite size documentary about issues youths face in the foster care system through transitioning out and touches on human trafficking. Please watch this short clip called, Breaking the Cycle, it will give you an idea of the issues surrounding this cause. 


 Click on the poster to purchase tickets to attend the screening on March 30th.

Former foster youth, advocate and author, Georgette Todd, is featured in the documentary. To learn more about Georgette's story, you can purchase her book by clicking on the book image.