Sexy Boss Babe

SEXY BOSS BABE EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT JOIN #SBBMOVEMENT  Women were born with special traits and by nature, are the caretakers of humanity. It is up to us, as women to create the very necessary change in the world at this very moment. “Women Empowerment” is a buzz word right now, everyone’s talking about it. But what does it really mean? What are we empowering women to do? Are we going to use our voice to stand for something meaningful? We live in a country with every convenience and luxury available to us no matter how rich or poor. If you have ever...


You've seen it, you've heard it, you've started using it, so what is a SheEO? Well, let's start from where it comes from. C.E.O. stands for Chief Executive Officer and is the head of a company that leads the organization. They are the chief, the boss, the ultimate decision maker. So, SheEO as it turns out, is meant to be a play on CEO but with a women empowerment twist. It's inspirational and really confirms that this truly is the time of the Woman.  The term has received a little slack recently in some press as it's been associated with rather...

3 Manicure Tricks from Sexy Boss Babe

Arzo Yusuf

For those of you that have read my first blog, "The Story of How Sexy Boss Babe Was Born," know that our product can definitely act as a beauty hack. Additionally, over the years, I have engaged in many beauty hacks, some that I will share with you! Here are my top 3 tricks: 1. Filing your natural nails vs. cutting them: I love letting my natural long nails grow out. When they become too long, they risk looking unkept, so its important to keep them trim and groomed. The times that I've cut them with nail scissors or clippers,...

The Story of How Sexy Boss Babe Was Born

I'm a feminist and an admirer of the divinity, majestic power and beauty that all women possess. It is my observation that we live in a day and age that somehow has cast a barrier between a woman and her innate knowledge of her inner power which has resulted in many women having a negative self and body image. Women have forgotten their natural divine goddess rights and it is time to awaken that knowledge. I wanted to come up with a brand name that screamed women empowerment.