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When you give negativity attention, you are giving it power.


You've seen it, you've heard it, you've started using it, so what is a SheEO? Well, let's start from where it comes from. C.E.O. stands for Chief Executive Officer and is the head of a company that leads the organization. They are the chief, the boss, the ultimate decision maker. So, SheEO as it turns out, is meant to be a play on CEO but with a women empowerment twist. It's inspirational and really confirms that this truly is the time of the Woman.  The term has received a little slack recently in some press as it's been associated with rather...

The Story of How Sexy Boss Babe Was Born

I'm a feminist and an admirer of the divinity, majestic power and beauty that all women possess. It is my observation that we live in a day and age that somehow has cast a barrier between a woman and her innate knowledge of her inner power which has resulted in many women having a negative self and body image. Women have forgotten their natural divine goddess rights and it is time to awaken that knowledge. I wanted to come up with a brand name that screamed women empowerment.